4 Jul 2011

Discovering Konda-Kondi, the indonesian billarda

Hi all!

Today, we want to join Konda-kondi and Billarda. The main blog of the National Billarda League have spoken arround Konda-kondi, a indonesian sport very similar to Billarda. Since the first billarda shots, we just know that we are dealing with an universal sport; and a week ago we connect with a new variety in Indonesia: Konda-kondi. Check the rules and discover who are playing the sport.

We wondering if one day Galicia Billarda Team could play with Malaysia Konda-Kondi Team, in the world championship; but for now we are here for building relationships between Billarda and Konda-Kondi. Let's play!!

24 Jan 2011

New international meeting and match between Galiza and Catalonia in Barcelona

We are very excited with the next international step for billarda's wolrd: international match between catalonian players of Bélit and galician players of Billarda and a previous meeting for join both communities and talk around Bélit-Billarda. This amazing activities are supported for the galician community in Catalonia and they are part of a entire day of debates, culture and party about Galiza in the Casal Independentista de Sants, in Barna neighborhood, Barcelona.

January 29 at 11:30 the meeting begins with a talk of both organizations and 12:00 the match Països Catalans vs Galiza (bélit rules). Then players lunch a galician meal, the traditional way to continue the friendship. Check the organization web for the complete program of activities. You can read too: the official news from Bélit organization and from O Varal (billarda organization), excitation is on top!

Join us, just send an e-mail!

1 Jan 2011

Hello world!

Here we are, a new blog for the international relations of the National Billarda League. We can share the amazing revolution of Billarda for all above the globe. Billarda is a traditional sport from Galiza or Galicia, but we know similar sports are played in many countries, specially in India, ItalyCatalonia or Asturies. We will write here different topics around billarda, international competitions, contacts with other organizations and, of course, keep digging in the knowledge of billarda sport.

The first video of the blog must be the biggest moment of billarda in a film, two stars, Bud Spencer and Terency Hill playing billarda. See you soon!